GameLaunched: International Crowd Funding And Marketplace For Games

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GameLaunched: International crowd funding and marketplace for games is now live

GameLaunched, a crowd funding platform dedicated to all-things-gaming just went live today. The site is now accepting all gaming related projects including video games, game design software, board games, card games, gaming accessories and hardware that are related all gaming platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA).

GameLaunched employs an all-or-nothing funding model, similar to Kickstarter. The platform also features a Marketplace where project creators have a choice to sell their game commission free after their project is successful.

In the spirit of gaming, GameLaunched also has a leaderboard to reward contributions from registered users. Users “gain XP” and “level-up” as they contribute to and spread the word about their favourite projects. With enough XP, users can trade them for actual merchandise from the marketplace.

After having launched a few hours ago, the site is starting to pick up momentum with projects coming in steadily. Soon you should be seeing even more projects listed. As part of GameLaunched launchcrew, Ludo Crew will be covering news and featured games from the site. Slowly, GameLaunched projects will be making their way in to our Game Directory.

If you are curious, you can find more information in their FAQ section.

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  • Luca Gadani

    it looks very nice, I wonder why kickstarter is the most famous despite being limited to 3 countries and its committees are very high … the power of the name!