Small World 2 For PC And Tablets Will Support Up To 5 Players On A Single Map

Small World 2 - Ludo Crew

“Your favorite fantasy board game on Android Tablets, PCs (Steam) – and iPads too”

The successor to the original Small World is on its way and it need your help. While the original is still being popular on the iPad today, the devs have already started working on the next generation of Small World, and this time, it will be supported on Android tablets as well as PC (through Steam).

Small World 2 will feature a few new play-modes including Solo, 2-Player face-to-face, Pass’N Play, Local Play and a Turn-by-Turn asynchronous online mode that will support up to 5 concurrent players on a single map from different platforms and time-zones. Along with that, players will have access to even more playable races and special powers. In addition to that, all backers above $8-tier or higher will have access to exclusive digital Bonus Pack with 3 new races and 3 new special powers.

As mentioned, Small World 2 will be coming to PC through Steam in addition to iPad and Android tablets. $15 will grab you the digital copy of the game as well as the Kickstarter exclusive bonus pack. The game is set to release later this year.

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