MoAR MMO Already Looks So Good That I Want To Lick My Screen


“Become a hero with extraordinary powers and battle in epic arenas across time and space.”

First look at MoAR demo video reminded us of Torchlight – very similar in terms of being extra colorful and “cartoony” but it looks a bit more…charming. Enigmati claim that MoAR is in its very early prototype stages but the graphics and gameplay already look very smooth. They may not compare to the high-end AAA titles of today but that’s what’s great about MoAR.

MoAR is expected to be cross-platform MMO. Meaning it will be supported on PC, Mac, iOS, Android as well as web browsers (lack of Linux support is surprising, though). In order to make the gameplay experience smooth across all these different platforms and devices (some weaker than others), Enigmati’s choice for this style of graphics makes perfect sense. And, with the promise of supporting all these platforms also comes the responsibility of making different kinds of gamers with different playstyles happy. That’s why MoAR will be looking to appeal to hardcore gamers as much as to casual gamers. They will also be adopting MOBA real-time strategy style with Torchlight style 3/4 top down camera view. You can play solo or team up with friends to take on hordes of enemies. Or you can challenge your friends in PvP mode.

Looks like MoAR will be pay-once and free-to-play when it releases mid-next year. Early bird offer will let you grab the game for just $10, which frankly seems like a steal.

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