This FPS Will Let You Manipulate Game Objects With Your Mind

Throw Trucks With You Mind - Ludo Crew

“I have wired an EEG headset that reads your brain into a video game to give you telekinetic super-powers controlled with your thoughts. “

Back in the day, if someone told me that we could play Quake or Unreal Tournament or Counter-Strike using our thoughts – no mouse, keyboard or controllers, I’d tell that person to get back on their meds. Even today it is a slightly far fetched thought, right?

Nope! This Kickstarter campaign is building a brand new game that will let you do exactly that. Throw Trucks With Your Mind is a multiplayer-focused FPS that will let you to only wear an EEG headset to play the game and control everything with your mind. You have a choice to stick with the good old keyboard, mouse and any other USB device that fits your need. But why would you? control object manipulation with your thoughts, while you control movements with your regular controller (mouse, keyboard, etc.).

The game works by doing a bunch of crazy math on your brainwaves to determine how calm and focused you are. These two conditions act as the scalars on your psychic powers. Want to throw a truck into that pompous jerk strafing around in front of you? Just focus on it. The more focused you are, the harder you fling the truck and the more smushy he ends up.

There you have it! If these guys are able to gather up $40k before March 14th, the game can be yours for 25 bucks. If you need an EEG headset, $125 tier will get you a Neurosky’s Mindwave Headset along with the game. Platform supported so far are PC and Mac and the game will see the light of day about the same time next year (2014).

Edit: Article edited to reflect the fact that basic movement of your character will still be handled by your regular controller (mouse, keyboard, etc). Only functions that manipulate objects (picking up, throwing etc.) can be performed using your thoughts. Apologies for any confusion. Still a pretty cool concept, though.

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