Open Source Space Strategy Beyond Beyaan Is Highly Configurable And Ripe For Modding

Beyond Beyaan

“An open-source 4X Space Strategy game that features classic features such as turn-based combat, ship designing, etc.”

Beyond Beyaan is trying to avoid what every other 4X strategy games falls for: To be the next Master of Orion and pack every single feature ever existed.

Instead, Beyond Beyaan lets you explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate in your own style by enabling you to easily turn features on or off using config files. Thanks to it being open source, players can also tinker directly with the game code itself if they wish to, making it all ready for modding.

Even though the game is open source, the funds are being raised to gather assets for the game, including artwork and sounds. Beyond Beyaan is already on Desura raising alphafunds but it needs your help further to get it closer to completion.

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