Rossman Combines Gameplay From Super Mario Bros And Sonic The Hedgehog

Rossman - Ludo Crew

“What do you get when Super Mario Bros & Sonic the Hedgehog collide? You get Rossman, an action packed adventure with twists and turns!”

Rossman is Super Mario Bros. and Sonic combined more or less. Gameplay seems very similar and so does the music. Even the story itself is very closely inspired by Mario where Rossman must save his girlfriend from a crazy evil scientist by thoroughly kicking his ass.

So why shouldn’t you just fire up your old Nintendo simulator instead of playing Rossman? One of the few things that seem unique though is Rossman’s special set of abilities and the fact that you get to unlock them as you progress through the story. The game also features an achievement system where you get to collect and show off your medals.

Rossman is already a finished product (demo available for PC). The campaign is looking to raise $2k to get this game to as many people as possible. That cost will get Rossman ported to Mac, Android, iOS, Steam and even OUYA and Xbox 360 consoles.

Considering the fact that this game is entirely made by one man (except some of the artwork was outsourced), Rossman is definitely worth a shot. $10 will get you a copy of the game + all its future DLCs on any platform you wish. Help this dude finish what he started 4 years ago!

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